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Alan Action is an nationally Recognized Expositor, Special Event and Nightclub Promoter especially known for his skill in power networking and creating viable alliances that secure business initiatives for his key supporters, which typically result in financial growth. Asked by Tricia Goddard of the Tricia Goddard Show on NBC Universal why the ‘Action’ in Alan Action, he states it is because he “makes business happen and gets things done”. While the selection of venues at which the events are held might vary, an often favorite is the lounge at 230 5th Avenue, which, while romantic, also serves to create an atmosphere in line with an Empire State of mind over groovy tunes, elixirs and surprise performances.

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  • Sugar Daddy Networking Masquerade Ball

    The First Ever South Florida Masquerade Ball Brought to you by Alan Action Productions at the Blue Martini Lounge. More information available at GET YOUR TICKETS HERE   FLIER4

  • The Sugar Daddy Disco Party in NYC

    The Dance Fever Party at the Vermillion Ultra Lounge will be the place to be. Register now at GET YOU TICKETS HERE

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Alan Action Productions focuses on bringing your event to the next level. We can handle everything from the moment you start planning up until and including handling transportation to get all your guests home safely. We have a list of venues, events and caterers that will fit every event. Need a DJ? We got them. Want a live band? We got them too. If you can figure out a service we don't offer to make your event perfect then we will find out who does and make sure they are the best too because we know that is exactly what you have come to expect from Alan Action Productions.